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Our journey began in 2005 under the wise leadership of our Chairman Ken Deocharran. Coming from a trucking background, he started StaffWorthy to help companies hire the right drivers for their needs while offering support and job placement services for drivers and other trucking companies.

We specialize in truck driver hiring and placement, however, as the company grew, and in response to market needs, StaffWorthy now offers dedicated and pay-per-hire recruitment solutions for vast companies from all types of industries. Our company continues to grow, and we have a dedicated leadership team with 47 years of experience combined who constantly ensure we deliver our commitments to our partners.


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We aim to render the hiring process short of any hassles and difficulties so you can enjoy it.

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Why Choose us?

You’re making the right choice by working with us

No lock-in commitments and contracts. No payment until a hire is made.

Guaranteed hire replacement if one doesn’t work out for you within 90 days.

Customized pricing rates based on your required solutions.

You’ll receive strategic support to your core business.

Fastest hiring time, because time is money.

Full transparency all throughout the recruitment stage.

Verifiable recruiting metrics for more profound insight.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We concentrate on dedicated and pay-per-hire recruitment, so you can focus on your core business.
At StaffWorthy, we know how the hiring process can be tedious and it takes a long time to find the right talent. As the lead in nearshore recruitment process outsourcing, we’ve made it our mission to recruit the most talented and suitable staff for all businesses, from start-ups to the largest enterprises.

Why RPO?
Diligently observing total talent management, we save you the hassle of spending a lot of effort, to find the right candidate. Mostly, we provide you with a cost-efficient strategy since we do not require an upfront payment until we hire the best candidate for you. We save you time and money and ensure that your hires are better in quality and longevity.

About Employer

Are you an Employer?

As our partner, we spare no effort to make sure that you hire the best candidates, save time and money, get our industry expertise, remain on the right side of every employment law during and after the hiring process, in that way you can focus your energy in growing your business.

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About Employee

Are you an Employee?

We can greatly help you as a job applicant using our proven knowledge & experience of the labor market. We will connect you with various clients and projects that are actively hiring. also, we do follow up on your application and will regularly provide you with feedback, assist you from intake interviews to salary negotiations. Our goal is to land you with your desired job.

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